Ellsworth/Romig Neighborhood Association


North - South Street
East - South Eighth Street
South - Kossuth Street
West - South Third Street

Historical Highlights

A renaissance of pride and interest in restoration characterizes the Ellsworth-Romig District where the cottages and duplexes of Lafayette's earliest working classes share the streets with the stately brick and stone structures of the city's most affluent residents.

This neighborhood encompasses the Ellsworth Historic District, bordered by Eighth, Fourth, South, and Romig Streets. Plotted in 1846, this district is considered Lafayette's first addition. Members of Lafayette's working class made their homes in this area.

The Elizabeth Rausch home, located at 642 New York Street, is typical of the houses built in this era -- a Downing-influenced masonry structure of Gothic inspiration. One of Lafayette's oldest neighborhoods, the Southside district is situated within a few blocks of many downtown attractions and conveniences.

Additional Neighborhood Features

Ellsworth-Romig Neighborhood residents enjoy convenient access to the Tippecanoe County Public Library and to several community service organizations.

The Community and Family Resource Center, located at 330 Fountain Street, offers programs such as Lafayette Head Start, Counseling Center, youth development, and school-age child care.

The American Red Cross, located at 111 South Seventh Street, offers classes in first aid and water safety education. The Red Cross also sponsors numerous community and youth programs.

Neighborhood Association

Ellsworth/Romig Neighborhood Association is a group of owners, tenants, and landlords who work together to build a sense of community. They were recently successful in their efforts to eliminate the excessive noise and vibration caused by compressors running non-stop at a nearby ice cream plant. Ellsworth-Romig members persuaded city officials to offer the company tax breaks to re-locate in a more industrial location.

The group meets monthly to discuss issues of concern.

For more information about the association, contact:
Bob Carpenter - President
619 South 4th Street
Lafayette, IN 47906