MBX Idea Accelerator
An early-stage, multi-sector business incubator that helps hand-selected founders develop and scale their business ideas. This is broken into four annual cohorts and will invest in about 50 new ventures each year.

Greater Lafayette Entrepreneurship Week
A week-long intensive series of programs and activities to showcase, encourage and celebrate Greater Lafayette’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The LAB Makerspace
A facility to grow, encourage, and accelerate entrepreneurship, technology and innovation through programming and development of physical products. This makerspace will be a community center that provides technology, manufacturing/prototyping equipment, and educational opportunities to the public.

T-6.6 Pitch Night
A monthly two-day program to be held 10 times a year at MatchBOX Coworking Studio. T-6.6 will aim to bring together the region’s entrepreneurs, students, educational institutions, government leaders, economic development organizations, and established businesses by featuring pitches from local startup companies and entrepreneurs along with CEOs and founders from around the nation.

A monthly daytime meet-up hosted at MatchBOX for artists, designers, and writers. Our intention with MBXam is to attract the creative professionals in our region, give them a sense of identity and community, and expose them to other potential partners to make our startups stronger.

645 (Six Forty Five)
We exist to build up the entrepreneurial ecosystem in a way that is bigger than ourselves. The goal of 645 is to take the entrepreneurs and the entrepreneurially-minded from MatchBOX’s community out into the larger community semi-monthly at 6:45pm, and facilitate them stimulating and mixing with some of the other entrepreneurial and growth movements in town.

The Business Of...
We would like to provide sector-specific public events to attract, stimulate, connect, and grow businesses of a particular type in a way that isn’t possible without the distinction of specialization. The idea would be to hold one event each year, and carefully select a sector to stimulate around which we know there is a good amount of local business activity.

GLC Small Business Program
The Small Business of the Month/Year Program (SBOM) is designed to recognize the dedication, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit displayed by Greater Lafayette Small Businesses. The goal of the monthly award is to highlight a small business and give them extra marketing exposure to aid in growing their business.